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Integrated Facility Management Services

Integrated Facilities Management Systems (IFMS) is an integration of various Facility management services that are synergized according to the requirement of Customer.

It helps in optimizing the cost and Integrate the management of Operations & Maintenance of all facility services.

Property Management Services
Common Area Maintenance (CAM)
Occupant Management
Accounts & Administration
Liaison and PR with Government Agencies
Civil Supervision
Vendor Management
Safety Management

  • Audit power factor
  • Check efficiency of all installations with appropriate recommendations
  • Implement energy usage monitoring procedures
  • Introduce Energy conservation methods & devices
  • Review energy bills
MEP Services
 Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance

  • Operations & Maintenance of all Electrical Mechanical installations
  • Handling Breakdown Maintenance
  • Scheduling and following up with Preventive Management
  • Coordinating with contract agencies including third party contractors
  • Following all statutory compliances
  • Adapting Energy conservation Methods
  • Budgeting the annual requirements
  • Training & Auditing the personnel handling the MEP Services
  • Documenting and reporting
  • Maintaining useful MIS
  • Supporting the In-house team with Management technical team
  • Implementing Occupational Health & Safety policies
HVAC Operations & Maintenance
  • Operating & Maintaining Centralized Screw Chiller units including pumps & Variable Frequency Drives.
  • Split/Package air- conditioners cleaning of filters, checking of wiring and plugs, testing of machine for proper operation and signs of wear & tear.
  • Regular checking & periodic cleaning of airside equipment such as FCU, AHU and ventilation fans etc.
  • Checking of fire dampers in ventilation ducts will be checked on regular basis by in- house team
  • Preventive maintenance checks which are not under the AMC for AC plant Maintenance
Water Management & Plumbing
  • Ensuring adequate water in the overhead tanks for use
  • Cleaning of tanks at periodic intervals
  • Operation & maintenance of water treatment plants
  • Sourcing water when needed and testing the same for quality
3rd Party / Vendor Management
  • Compliance with Vendor’s SLAs
  • Vendor Contract review and negotiations
  • Report Tracking
  • Statutory Compliances
Soft Services
House Keeping & Janitorial

  • Quality & Hygiene services.
  • Use of latest cleaning equipments and technology.
  • Provide specialized cleaning.
  • Internal and external cleaning.
  • Documenting the work schedule and completion through MIS report.
  • Maintaining Operations & Management Schedules.
  • Supply of Standard Toiletries and consumables.
  • Safe use of cleaning chemicals with 100% follow up on Material safety.
  • Continues In-house Training for latest cleaning methods.
  • Safe handling of cleaning equipments.
  • Proper training on equipment handling through OEM and In-house Trainers
Pest Control
  • Designing the Pest Control Schedules as per the need of the facility Management.
  • Planning the Control Strategies.
  • Using Latest pest control Equipments & Technology.
  • Maintaining proper MIS / Reporting.
  • Disposal & Removal.
  • Safe use of Environmental friendly chemicals
Garden & Lawn Maintenance
  • Maintaining of Indoor plants with regular schedules.
  • Renewal / Replanting.
  • Aesthetics Improvement.
  • Manuring & Nutrition. Pesticide Control.
  • Hard Landscaping in external areas like car parking areas, kerbs, footpaths, road surfaces, steps to entrances, edgings, fencing, gates and boundaries.
  • Soft Landscaping – Grassed Areas, Office Plants and Flowers, Cut Flowers
Waste Management
  • Classification of waste, garbage and debris
  • Segregation, handling & disposal of waste
  • Proper use of equipments and disposals techniques
  • Coordinating with Municipality for Disposal upto designated dump yard
Specialized Services
Facade Management
  • Cleaning Building elevation glazing exposed to external environment.
  • Removing dirt, dust levels and stains with appropriate tools, equipments, chemical and technology
  • Adhering to all safety norms including adequate PPEs to operators.
  • Checking and repairing glazing joints
  • Trained personnel and professional team
  • Partnering with latest state of the art cleaning technology for the surfaces which are difficult to clean by human beings due to heat and wind speeds.
BMS Operation
  • Fully trained and skilled BMS Operators for Control Room operations
  • Supervision of all systems like:
    • CCTV monitoring
    • Fire Alarm system Operations
    • Fire Control systems Operations
    • Access Control
  • HVAC, Electrical and Water management
  • Identifying possible reduction in operations cost and improving efficiency
HVAC Duct Maintenance
  • Cleaning of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems
  • Cleaning supply and return air ducts and registers
  • Cleaning grilles and diffusers
  • Cleaning heat exchangers , heating and cooling coils
  • Condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motors, fan housing and AHU housing
Support Services
Admin Staffing
Admin Outsourcing